Monday, May 22, 2006

USB Drive Access Control Part 1

The security risk of allowing unfettered access to USB drives by employees is making me (and my CIO) nervous. How are you dealing with this risk?

Depending on the business needs of an organization, some people disable USB entirely, either through BIOS settings, registry changes, or the ultimate medieval solution: glue in the actual USB ports. As we have a business need for some controlled access to USB drives, I can't go that route.

So I'm looking for some more granular control over USB device access. I'm looking for the following criteria:
  • Control access by user
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Control access by device type - I'm not talking about USB drives vs. CD drives. I mean "allow access to 512MB Kingston USB drive, but block all others," for example.
There are quite a few products out there, but I don't have enough information yet to make an educated decision. Here is the short list of products I requested more information from:
Except for that last one, do I detect a naming trend? I will post again after I have had a chance to evaluate these options. I'm also open to any other product suggestions that will meet my needs.


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